Recall Corner: Lacerating General Electric food processors


A new entrant to Recall Corner is General Electric, for its Food Processors, and – like the recent Bedroom lock fails to fail safe post – it involves a safety system failure.

The safety interlock system on the recalled food processor can fail; allowing operation without the lid secured which poses a laceration hazard. In addition, the product can emit smoke, or catch fire, posing a fire hazard.

Indeed, this one is quite serious – more than 50 incidents have been reported, say the CPSC: with 24 reports of the food processor operating without the lid in place, of which 21 resulted in injuries to fingertips; and 34 reports of the unit smoking, including 3 reports of fires

Customers are advised to immediately stop using the recalled food processor and return the product to Walmart to receive a full refund.

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