Recall Corner: Philips Lighting EnergySaver compact fluorescents

philips-bulb-recall.jpgPhilips is the latest distinguished company to find itself in Recall Corner. Due to a “Laceration Hazard”, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising consumers to stop using the recalled products immediately.

The lights affected are the EnergySaver models, aka the Marathon or Marathon Classic Compact Fluorescent Dimmable Reflector lamps…

“The glue that attaches the glass outer envelope or globe to the body of the lamp can fail allowing the glass outer envelope to fall and strike persons and objects below, posing a laceration hazard to consumers,” reports the CPSC.

Apparently, Philips has received 700 reports of “lamps where the glue failed and the glass outer envelope fell”. These include two reports of minor injury and three reports of “minor property damage,” says the Safety Commission.

Product Description Model Number UPC
EnergySaver (a/k/a Marathon or Marathon Classic)
Dimmable R30 Reflector Flood
EL/A R30 Dim 16w 46677 13 7076 and
46677 15 0419
EnergySaver (a/k/a Marathon or Marathon Classic)
Dimmable R40 Reflector Flood
EL/A R40 Dim 20w 46677 13 7083 and
46677 15 0426
EnergySaver (a/k/a Marathon or Marathon Classic)
Dimmable Par38 Reflector Flood
EL/A Par38 Dim 20w 46677 14 6443 and
46677 15 0433

The relevant model numbers to check are printed on the white ceramic area at the base of the lamps.

The bulbs were sold through distributors from March 2007 to July 2011.

Read full details of the recall >>

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  1. August 25, 2011 11:45

    Yes, that’s right Lawrence. Many of the products we have featured in the series are US / Canada only. Hopefully the interest lies in the design fault involved rather than the fear of being affected directly.

  2. Lawrence Mayes
    August 24, 2011 11:08

    As these lamps are for use in the US and therefore would be designed for US mains voltages, it is unlikely that many were sold in the UK.

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