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Latest Tech News About Software Development & Bugs

Computer memory shortage causes air traffic system failure

Had to flag this one, a report on recent air traffic control problems in the US.

According to the BBC a spy plane “was responsible for a computer glitch that caused air-traffic chaos in western US states last week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revealed.”

The problems started…

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Mobile OS app crash comparison

This one on The Register caught my eye earlier in the year – iOS 5 ‘crashes more apps’ than Android Basically, Crittercism – the company behind software that provides crash reports for mobile apps – has revealed data indicating that Apple iOS apps are more likely to crumple on impact than equivalent Android…

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Not-So-Smartphones of 2011

Not sure about about this one, the premises or the conclusion (that all older Android phones should be considered ‘orphans’ and that Android should be identified as the most vulnerable platform…

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Buzzwords Behind $100M SAP Lawsuit

Anyone who thinks the use of buzzwords is criminal should get immense satisfaction from the fact that software maker SAP is being sued by a customer for falling short on the deliverables on what can only be described as a jargon-filled contract. According to the WSJ: “SAP AG is…

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Old Software Bugs Never Die

Sister publication EDN presents an engineering who-dunnit in its latest Tales from the Cube, involving two engineers who were asked to investigate why the company’s telephone switches were failing to switch activity from one machine to another. Read about their full investigation here…

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Excel's Stubborn Refusal to Display Superscripts

Who wants to look at 60.45E-3 when they can see 6O.45xl0-3 instead? While it is one of the most popular tools used by engineers on the planet, Excel’s formatting capabilities can leave a lot to be desired. Jon Titus was particularly peeved over the fact…

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Mathcad Offers Solution for Legacy Fortran Code

At a Halloween party we threw for MIT students this weekend, the subject of Fortran came up (yeah, I know, nerdy stuff) which pretty much drew blank looks from the more junior witches and warlocks. For those of you who don’t know, Fortran is the most widely used general…

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