Tech news tagged ‘Corrosion’

Driver Run Over by Own Rig — Corrosion the Culprit

In this real world engineering who-dunnit  from Design News– you couldn’t write a TV script better than this! — corrosion and wear-and-tear on a key component of the lift cylinder on a tractor-trailer caused the rig to run over its own driver. Forensic engineer Myron Boyajian…

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Corroded Contactors Bring Lift Truck to A Screeching Halt

Rather than braking, some vehicles rely on plugging, which involves reversing the motor voltage to power to a stop. In the Design New Calamities column, The Case of the Culpable Contactor, Forensic Engineer Myron Boyajian recounts his investigations into a fork lift that was plugging rather too quickly – almost dumping…

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