Tech news tagged ‘forensic engineer’

Lead Acid Battery Goes Kapow!

The recent brouhaha in this blog over the underwhelming performance of lithium ion batteries and the care that must be taking when charging them reminded me of a case in Design News that involved an explosion of near-Hindenburg-like proportions. Oh I know what you’re thinking — it’s…

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Porous Aluminum Motorcycle Brake Fractures–and Fails

Plastics often get a bad rap for being flimsy and cheap., But big hunks of metal aren’t immune to failing catastrophically.. Ken Russell, a forensic engineer and professor of materials science at MIT, describes the disastrous effects when monkeys substituted poorly cast aluminum for forged steel in a motorcycle…

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Automatic Door Design is No Open-and-Shut Case

Automatic doors are ubiquitous. But this product that we all pretty much take for granted represents one of the most vexing engineering exercises on the planet. The challenge: Design something that is open for a pedestrian to walk through (but only then) and otherwise closed. Detailed engineering specs have been…

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