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Most Read in July – The Made By Monkeys popularity stakes

What was hot and what was not? Well, in the month of July everything was hot, but now things have cooled down a bit we can consider exactly what your MBM peers were consuming –┬ásee how the various Made By Monkeys posts measure up against each other for the month…

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Impossible Object #38 – Infinity LED desk

When I first read “Infinity Desk”, I thought of infinity pools melding into the sunny horizon and was pulled up slightly short… but the dark, bottomless look is quite cool, if vaguely unsettling (“a TRON version of the Sarlacc pit” as someone writes below.)

Thanks to for highlighting…

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Impossible Object #37 – FLIP, the vertical ship

Testing is a recurring theme of the blog, and this is an interesting example of testing in extremis. Check out FLIP, the “Floating Instrument Platform”, which can change from a horizontal to a vertical orientation. The specially designed ship apparently enables research into acoustic measurementsm and “air-sea interactions”, as…

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Impossible Object #29: A table with two legs

Here’s a bit of fun, and we haven’t had an Impossible Object for a while… How about a table with just two legs? This one is from the designer Shay Carmon, who also brought us the defibrillator toaster! When you see it, of course, it all seems obvious…

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