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Impossible objects

Impossible Objects #40: The Ultimate Machine that turns itself off

Claude Shannon - Ultimate Machine

Mention was made in the office the other day of Claude Shannon (topics of sporting failure and celebrity chat having been exhausted), and up came mention of the Ultimate Machine. Intrigued, I headed to YouTube optimistically hoping to see such a machine in action… and bingo! (I believe the device below was part of a Claude Shannon Exhibition at the ...

Impossible objects #39 – Escher’s Belvedere tower in 3D printed form

Escher Waterfall

Room had to be found on Made By Monkeys for this eye-catching demonstration of 3D printing. Professor Gershon Elber at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, has analysed M. C. Escher’s famous images – for example the looping staircase in a tower that is always going up – and found a way to replicate, in a physical 3D model, the ...

Impossible Object #38 – Infinity LED desk

LED infinity mirror desk 1

When I first read “Infinity Desk“, I thought of infinity pools melding into the sunny horizon and was pulled up slightly short… but the dark, bottomless look is quite cool, if vaguely unsettling (“a TRON version of the Sarlacc pit” as someone writes below.) Thanks to ObviousWinner.com for highlighting this (It’s all over the Internet, but the site is almost ...