Tech news tagged ‘irony’

Fortune Cookie Fails QC Test

In a twist of real irony, here’s the latest fortune my husband pulled out of a cookie. Rather than a full size stirp of paper with an actual fortune printed on it, the cookie contained what appears to be the trim that would normally be thrown away as scrap…

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Fortune Cookie Carries Warning About Bad Quality

While out to dinner at my favorite Chinese Restaurants the other night, I got this fortune in my cookie — given the brouhaha over almost all things made in China today, I thought the irony absolutely delicious…

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Shady Installation of a Solar-Powered Parking Meter

Roger Platt gleefully spotted this heavily shaded, solar-powered parking meter in Bargates Car park, High Street, Burton upon Trent. He wonders if the fact that the area is famous for beer and brewing had something to do with the decision to locate it under a leafy canopy and notes…

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