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LED clothing changes colour to the beat of music

lume jacket

One for the fashion-conscious Gadget Master, perhaps? A new line of clothing, Lüme, lights up with tiny, flexible LEDs sewn right into the jackets and dresses. It is created by a husband and wife team – Elizabeth Bigger and Luis Fraguada – who are seeking to make tech clothing “truly comfortable and wearable”. Hal Hodson, of New Scientist, writes: The ...

LED Lumigrids map out cycle terrain


We like LED posts on Gadget Master and we like cycle posts on Gadget Master, so… (can you see where I’m going with this)… we really love LED cycling gadgets! Check out the Lumigrids idea, which was designed to improve night ride safety. Essentially, by projecting square grids ahead of the bike, it visually maps out the oncoming terrain, enabling ...

Penning silver ink circuitry


In what would be a dream bit of kit for a Gadget Master, a pen drawing silver ink could be used to draw functioning circuitry on paper and other surfaces, as well as breadboards...

LED table cards to lighten a reception


Here's another interesting one from the ever-reliable Instructables. It's making your own, LED-based light-up table cards, befitting a wedding reception or special Christmas party or some such...