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Boeing considers Dreamliner Li-ion battery design changes

Here’s an interesting article that returns to the Boeing Lithium Ion battery issues… The Wall Street Journal has been looking at the work that will be necessary by the US aircraft manufacturer to get the Dreamliner deemed airworthy again – specifically, the series of battery design changes that could minimize…

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Boeing Dreamliner – the promise and threat of Li-ion batteries

We’ve covered the Boeing Dreamliner lithium-ion problems before, but New Scientist has taken an in-depth look at the battery trouble. The batteries store twice the power of nickel-cadmium cells, making them much lighter – writes Paul Marks – but they are known to carry a fire risk under…

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner lithium-ion battery problems

Thanks to The Guardian for providing an interesting interactive graphic of the recent Dreamliner aircraft problems. For those not aware of recent developments, a fire broke out on a Japan Airlines plane in Boston, after it had landed (and passengers had disembarked). The BBC reported that the fire started after…

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