Video: Toshiba shakes, rattles, and rolls its solid state drives

Here’s a quick video that caught my eye, on the topic of thoroughly testing a product…

Toshiba is showing off the advantages of solid state drives, in terms of providing greater resilience to physical vibration! It’s checking video playback from a drive is unaffected by some turbulent treatment, with the specially built test rig applying 1,380 oscillations per minute.

I guess video streaming requires a large amount of buffering, anyway, so the resistance to interruptions may not be quite so impressive as first seems… But, still. Do let us know of any interesting test videos you’ve come across, including testing to destruction. We always welcome reader submissions on Made By Monkeys!



  1. Like it, Tony. We need to document that spectrum of disturbance:
    mild wobble < wobble < vibration < shock < proper stick < “some real welly!” (as they say in Yorkshire)

  2. Thats not vibration or shock, its a mild wobble. A spinny disk would have no problem with that – give it some proper stick !

  3. Fine, but if it’s inside the laptop and it’s vibrating like that I doubt I would be watching the video anyway!

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