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Compact Fluorescent Light is One Crispy Critter

EDN’s PowerSource Blogger Margery Connor has complained about her frustrations with premature failure of CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) in down lights at her house. To prove her point, in a recent post titled “Compact fluorescent lights: Not always the best solution” she offered this photo of the burned-out…

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Frosty Fridge Serves Up Ale-Flavored Ice Lollies

The whacked-out temperature controls on EE Mike Kotecki’s Viking fridge were keeping things just a little too cool: “We moved into a new, used home two years ago that had a built-in bar in the living room. (Talk about closing tactics!) Anywho, it had a very nice…

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Oops -- Lithium Ion Batteries Did It Again

They get hot. They short-circuit. They burst into flames. This time Nokia’s on the hot seat, literally. The company has recalled 46 million Lithium Ion batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery Co. because of 100 overheating incidents. This type of battery technology is used in the vast majority of…

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