Apple Power Mac G5 Oozes Coolant

dsc6929-watercooling-minibook.jpg Bad. Bad. Bad. That’s how Dave Goldstein describes recent problems with a coolant leak in his Apple Power Mac G5 — the first popular computer to incorporate water cooling as a standard thermal management strategy. He writes: “The late G5′s are very messed up. Oh man. I don’t what the liquid is that sometimes leaks from the cooling system, but it’s corrosive. Don’t know whether it’s a poor engineering design or a manufacturing defect. I have an earlier G5 with no problems.”

Though Apple hasn’t issued any sort of formal recall, the cooling problem that’s getting some users hot and bothered is clearly widespread enough that there’s an Apple Coolant Leaks worldwide database with a photo montage of coolant calamities. The site MacInTouch has a whole section devoted to the topic. And as every good mechanical engineer can tell you, dissipating the heat sometimes really is a hellishly difficult undertaking I love my Sony Vaio.

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  1. david
    June 08, 2008 16:00

    that specific model of G5 has liquid cooling, only the dual 2.5 GHz quad core PowerMac G5 has that. it is most likely just a manufacturing defect and if you send it in they will probably replace the processors.

  2. Barry Mung
    November 28, 2007 15:59

    Do you have a dog by any chance, or perhaps a small child?
    My cat weed down the back of my reclining armchair and it made the mechanism go rust.

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