Most Read in April – The Made By Monkeys popularity stakes

top ten generic 260How do the various Made By Monkeys posts measure up against each other in the month of April? What’s hot and what’s not? Well, check out what your MBM peers have been perusing. Topics covered include extreme forms of testing, a vertical ship, telecom bills and an oversized racing simulator… In reverse order: 10. Bedroom lock fails to fail safe 9. No change from a Jeep’s 6-CD changer 8. Security detector based on novelty golfball finder 7. Dihydrogen monoxide conspiracy uncovered 6. Video: Testing in extreme form, the Spherithon 5. Impossible object #37 – flip, the vertical ship 4. Lithium-ion battery swells up like Jaba the Hutt 3. Engineering’s ten biggest mistakes 2. Catch-22 of online BT bill 1. I can’t believe someone makes… F1 racing car-sized racing simulator Don’t forget, the latest Made By Monkeys posts can come straight to you via RSS. Simply paste the Made By Monkeys RSS feed into the feed reader of your choice.

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