Most Read in March – The Made By Monkeys popularity stakes

most-read-in-march-2013-260-x-210.jpgLet’s see how the various Made By Monkeys posts have measured up against each other in the month of March! What’s hot and what’s not. Check out what your MBM peers have been perusing.

Topics covered include some old favourites such as retractable luggage handles, Lithium-Ion batteries and engineering mistakes, as well as some newer ones…

In reverse order:

10. Catch-22 of online BT bill

9. What’s Wrong With Lithium-Ion Batteries?

8. A New HP Calculator for RPN Nerds

7. I can’t believe someone makes… CataCombo Sound System coffins

6. Diabolical Designs: Retractable Luggage Handles

5. Lithium-Ion Battery Swells Up Like Jaba the Hutt

4. Back from the “dead” – Epson Stylus D68 printer

3. Tablet Repairability list, brickbats and bouquets

2. I can’t believe someone makes… iPad Toilet Stands

1. Engineering’s Ten Biggest Mistakes

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