Ruminations on the electronics industry from David Manners, Senior Components Editor on Electronics Weekly.



There’s an attempt underway to brush up the image of Steve Jobs.

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When I first saw this, I assumed it was an April Fool’s joke:…

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Top 10 R&D Spenders

Thanks to IC Insights for this – the top ten spenders on R&D last year.

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Wearables Bollox

Wearables has always seemed to me to be a bollox market but analysts IDC have done their best to give it substance…

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Military-Industrial Complex Boosted

The Kennedy administration seems to promise to the three military services – Air Force, Army and Navy – much of what the Eisenhower administration denied them.

So, 55 years ago, starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of November 30 1960…

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The Architectural Agnostic

An amusing footnote to the Altera-Intel possibility is that Intel may be sidestepping sheepishly into architectural agnosticism…

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The Intel-Altera Minuet

21 years after Intel got out of the programmable logic market by selling its failing programmable logic  business to Altera, it is widely reported that it’s getting back in again by buying Altera…

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The downside of patent law, increasingly felt today, was seen in the pre and post 1893 spread of telephones in the USA…

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The Nature Of Matter

A Japan-UK research team has developed a large-scale first-principles simulation method for simulating very large systems containing a 100-fold larger number of atoms compared with conventional methods…

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Either they don’t have enough to do in Leicester or life is pretty dull there, but 37,000 people lined the streets of Leicester this week to see a skeleton which may or may not have been Richard III pass by on a gun carriage…

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Fable: The Kind Sonofabitch

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil — for I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley,” was displayed on the office wall of one of the semiconductor industry’s greatest CEOs…

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FTDI Chip adds EVE Screen Designer

Bringing more comprehensive support to its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) product offering, FTDI Chip introduces EVE Screen Designer – which is available to download for free…

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Cars Which Can't Speed

The idea of having cars which can’t exceed the speed limit has been around for years and dismissed as electorally unpopular by politicians, but in August Ford is to sell an S-Max series car that can read road signs and adjust a car’s speed accordingly…

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The Bollox Club

There’s an amusing piece in the Washington Post today about what it calls:
‘The Super Rich Technologists Making Dire Predictions About Artificial Intelligence club…

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The Top 10 For Capacity

Thanks to IC Insights for this one the ten largest capacity companies in the industry:


Samsung 985

Micron 627

Toshiba/SanDisk 525

Hynix. 470

TSMC 430

Intel 350

GloFo 193

UMC. 110

Powerchip. 90

TI. 61

Nanya. 61

The top 10 account for 93.2% of world capacity…

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Party Time

Now is the time to IPO with the Hedgies, unusually for them, piling into the IPO market and prepared to pay up to 18x one year-ahead projected earnings for IPO shares, reports Bloomberg…

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