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  1. Sorry about this Migry, my apologies to you and all the others who have suffered from the change in the URL.
    Your birth-date thing is that we do a feature called ‘Memory Lane’ on Tuesdays which is a story from an Electronics Weekly edition of 50+ years ago.

  2. Yes, I haven’t being able to get my daily dose of what life was like in my birth year ;-). To be honest I haven’t quite worked out why you have focussed on events in 1961, unless we share the same birth year.

    I also was hoping to read about the latest bad news coming from ST. A bit of a shock really, well perhaps not… It’s a crying shame as ST has some excellent engineering talent.

  3. Yes Graham I’m sorry about this which has caused some aggravation. Why this was changed I don’t know. Apologies.

  4. Hi David, good to have you back…

    My bookmarked link now only takes me to your “mannerisms banner” comment page, into which I am typing now.

    But I see your blog is still available at

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