Ruminations on the electronics industry from David Manners, Senior Components Editor on Electronics Weekly.


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Instant Muscles

Are you a seven stone weakling? Do hunks kick sand in your face? Now there’s no need to go to Charles Atlas and spend months working out – Panasonic is about to sort your problem.

This could be the first useful wearable – if you can call it a wearable – an…

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Taiwan's Lock On Foundry Industry

Taiwan will account for 30% of the world’s spending on fab equipment this year, says SEMI.

The island now has 21% of the world’s chip manufacturing capacity and 25% of the world’s 300mm capacity.

This year Taiwan companies will spend $10.5 billion on fab equipment.


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Come Back Neelie

Post-Neelie Kroes the EC is taking its foot off the pedal in liberalising telecoms.

The rosming charge, due to dnd this year, won’t now end until June 2017.

As from April 2017 there will be a new cap on roaming surcharges of 5 eurocents per minute for calls…

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The Millennials

Late in the day I discover the ‘Millennials’ – a term used for 15-25 year olds who seem to have something of the 60s about them.

Millennials reject traditional employment in favour of a ‘passion career’ something they love to do which, ideally, also improves the world.

This, of course…

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IR Cameras May Beat Crime


was the headline, 54 years ago of a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 19th 1961…

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NEC Massively Accelerates Malware Detection

According to the Nikkei, NEC is to license software which allows companies to detect malware in a 100,000 networked server system in one hour instead of the usual two to three weeks.

NEC intends to license 200 Japanese companies during the fiscal year to the end of March 2016…

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The Democratisation Of Healthcare

AI has the potential to replace human workers with machines, and the idea that machines would usher in a life of leisure for everyone has been around for a century or more.

So far, it hasn’t worked out quite like that. Technology has meant a few people have had…

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Transistors were not exactly welcomed by many engineers and, in the early 50s, IBM engineers were no exception…

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Micron Aims For 'Low Volume' 32-Layer 3D NAND Production In H2.

Micron is to move into “low volume” production of a 32-layer 3D NAND device in the second half of this year.

Next year Micron says it expects 3D NAND to be a “significant” percentage of its “trade NAND supply”.

The device going into production this year will be a…

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1k Qubit IC Has 128k Josephson Junctions

D-Wave Systems has put 1000 qubits, comprising 128,000 Josephson Junctions, on a chip using a 6-metal layer planar process with 0.25μm features.

D-Wave is backed by Jeff Bezos, the CIA and NASA.

D-Wave’s quantum computer runs a quantum annealing algorithm to find…

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Driverless Cars

The driverless car thing is very odd. To the best of my knowledge, roads have to be mapped in minute detail if they are to be used by driverless cars.

Google is said to gave mapped several thousand miles in the USA. The USA has four million miles of road…

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ISSI Going Chinese

After six competing bids, it looks as though ISSI is going to the Chinese. Although Cypress has upped its bid to $22:60 a share, this is below the $23 offer by Chinese private equity consortium Uphill Investments led by Summitview Capital of Hong Kong.

It is believed that the…

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As any fool knows, the next killer app is face recognition. Hold your phone up towards someone and it tells you who it is.

Nice for those doing the searching but pretty intrusive for those being searched.

The tech issues have been largely cracked but the privacy issues are horrendous…

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The Thorny Q

The puzzle with IoT is how to make money out of it. The cleverest people in the world’s semiconductor industry are at Imec so the Imec Technology Forum is Brussels this week was a good opportunity to ask the question: What’s the business model for IoT?

I put…

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Qualcomm, Imec Bring 14nm Technology To China

Imec, SMIC, Qualcomm and Huawei have formed a joint venture to bring 14nm process technology to China.

The jv is called SMIC Advanced Technology and R&D (Shanghai) Corp.
It is majority owned by SMIC. Imec, Qulacomm and Huawei are all minority shareholders.

Imec will contribute the process know…

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