Daft Bint

Rowing down the Thames at the weekend I see a most amazing sight. A tern has made a nest inside an old tyre.

The tyre isn’t on the bank, it isn’t tethered, it’s floating free, bobbing on the wavelets of the Thames with the tern happily sitting on top of the pile of twigs and leaves which she’s weaved across the inside of  the tyre to build her nautical nest.


Further downriver, somewhere between Hampton and Kingston, there’s another innovative, but crazy tern. She’s built her nest inside the propeller housing of a motor cruiser.


Fortunately for the tern, the owner of the cruiser hasn’t taken the boat out for some time, because if he did, the tern, the nest and everything in it would be scattered to the winds.


Up above the nest, on the boat’s stern, is the cruiser’s name, which could equally well apply to this doolalli tern:  Daft Bint.

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