Anyone Know Of A Decent Pint In Dallas?

A reader has asked if anyone out there has had a decent pint of wallop in Dallas. Please send suggestions to or reply to the blog. P.S. It is intended to start a good pint guide on this site, but our IS people have been snowed under with new site launchings, and the idea is it will be available next year.

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  1. david manners
    December 17, 2007 19:12

    Thanks Jay, I’ll pass that on to Roberto, All the best, David

  2. Jay Cordaro
    December 17, 2007 19:00

    Flying Saucer in Addison is pretty good. Excellent selection of beers on tap. Including some obscure (for the US) English beers
    The Old Monk. Fuller’s, Samuel Smith, Newcastle, that sort of thing. Parking can be hard to find.

  3. Roberto
    December 05, 2007 16:01

    As the individual in search, I’m looking for flat, dark & tasty.
    (Even micro-brews & craft breweriesn US tend to serve colder than I like, but that’s OK)
    As a humourous commentary on this subject:

  4. David Manners
    December 05, 2007 13:20

    There lies the rub. To the vast majority of the world, beer is fizzy, tasteless, yellow and cold.
    We British, and a small, but growing, discerning group of foreigners, know better.
    The problem for the Brit abroad is to locate where discerning foreigners go for a pint.
    There are many micro-breweries, or craft breweries, providing good beer in otherwise benighted foreign climes, like glorious oases surrounded by yellow, fizzy, cold, tasteless deserts.
    It is these oases, principally for the travelling Brit, which the guide is designed to identify.

  5. Steven Dow
    December 05, 2007 09:42

    I think a good pint guide is a great idea, but because of the international nature of you readers I suggest you define what a “good pint” is. For example I like it not too cold, flat and full of flavour. Your other readers may not agree!

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