Help Us Find The Silicon Inn

silicon-innweb-small.jpgHere, Ladies and Gentlemen, is where you could be spending some time this autumn as you travel the globe.

The Silicon Inn is not a physical place, it is that little bit of Britain you carry in your brain when you go abroad, and which is triggered, after a long day of presentations, when the thought gells, then emerges: ‘Christ I could do with a pint of wallop’.   

Usually this is a pipedream. The only ’beer’ to be had is yellow, cold, fizzy and tasteless i.e. foreign muck. 

But, increasingly, the world is appreciating proper, freshly brewed beer, it just takes a bit of finding, so we are setting up a site where a decent pint can be had in places which the semiconductor industry frequents.

To do this we need your help. Please send addresses of places where you’ve had a good pint, at either a micro-brewery or a bar with decent draft beer, to:



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