Smithwicks, Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire lag Boulder Creek

Last day of the Globalpress Summit Conference in Monterey, and one has to say it has all been a great success. Monterey has a surprisingly wide assortment of watering holes many run by ex-pat Brits.

The bar of the conference hotel, The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, has a surprisingly decent brew on tap called Fat Tire. Served cold of course, in the American way, but still managing to maintain a good taste and very smooth. A couple of blocks up, on Lighthouse Street, Shane’s Irish bar was serving a good enough pint of Smithwicks, the beer Guinness brewed before it brewed Guinness, for eight of us to run up a $225 bar bill on Tuesday night. They also do an authentic Irish Stew. Further along Lighthouse Street, the British Bulldog Pub serves a cracking pint of Sierra Nevada, my personal favourite among the American beers outside of the products of the micro-breweries. It has to be said that none of these beers can hold a candle to the magnificent brews of the Rock Bottom Brewery of Campbell, California, an absolute saving grace after an 11 hour flight on my first evening in the US six nights ago. It can’t be said too often: beer doesn’t travel and it’s best freshly brewed.

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  1. david manners
    March 06, 2007 01:01

    Thanks Noel, that’s great information. I’ve never had a decent pint in Austin or Los Gatos though they’re quite frequent stop-off points. So that’s very useful.
    A semiconductor industry directory of decent beer is a great idea as everyone seems to go to pretty much the same places.
    It would be a real service to the industry. I will try and promote it via the blog site Cheers

  2. Noel Hurley
    March 02, 2007 16:37

    Hi David
    I agree with you on the Rock Bottom. I’d add Fido’s on 4th St in Austin TX and C.B. Hannegans in Los Gatos CA as two more places where I have had a very reasonable pint.
    I can see a UK Semiconductor Industry Pub guide coming together, the U-SIP guide.

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