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Internet of Terriers

Thanks to Mike Bryant for this one I was going to call it the Internet of Utter Crap but Mike persuaded me that Internet of Terriers was better. Is this what IoT has come to? It’s giving us all a good laugh but is that it?    

DX Bollox

In the great ocean of bolllox sweeping across the tech world e.g. the ‘as a service’ (aaS) thing, the IoT thing, driverless cars, wearables etc, the concept of ‘DX’ has a notable place. DX, meaning digital transformation, appears to be another of those BS marketing terms which are used to make managers feel guilty if they haven’t understood or implemented ...

Smoke and Shadows


The modern world is a puzzle but nowhere more of a puzzle than in the modern financial world. Why do you borrow $2 billion when you have cash of $200 billion? Well, in Apple’s case, they say it’s to buy back shares, pay divis and generally keep the share price up. A high share price, of course, helps all employees ...


The World BS Champions are, of course, the Yanks, but it still comes as a shock to see two respected US institutions, the SIA and SRC, ask the US government for $500 million to develop technologies for IoT. The argument is that IoT will throw up such vast amounts of data that we will need new levels of computing comms ...

Don’t Be Afraid Of Robots

For all those worried by warnings from technorati that robots are going to take over the world, there may be comfort in watching the preliminaries of Robocup 2015. Robocup was founded with the aspiration that, in 2050, a team of robots would take on the human World Cup winners and beat them. It doesn’t look very likely. The BBC has ...

A Rose By Any Other Name . . . ..

UMC is developing an 18nm process reports DigiTimes. It is reported that UMC is doing this because its 14nm process, slated for risk production this year and volume production next year, is taking longer than expected to develop. However UMC is up against a regulatory hurdle in respect of its China fab in Xiamen – under Taiwan law, UMC can’t ...

Fumus et Umbra

Insofar as it’s impossible to tell what a 10nm process is any more or to give credence to any of the projections about future migrations to new nodes, it is difficult to know what significance to attach to Samsung’s announcement that it will have 10nm “in full production” next year.

Fluffy Techies

After getting inveigled into attending an event called ‘The Next Billion’ in an old church in the Marylebone Road, it occurs to me that the modern techie is a fluffy creature.


This arrives from the GSA http://www.gsaglobal.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/1.-GSA-McK_Report-IoT_Text_Executive-Summary.pdf – it’s a study of the potential of IoT.