The Ten Biggest Things Apple Is Worth More Than

Thanks to OSXDaily for this one – the ten biggest things Apple is worth more than:

All 32 Eurozone Banks


The Economy of Singapore


All of the Illegal Drugs in the World


Total U.S. Corporate Income Tax for 2011


The GDP of Denmark


The Great Wall of China (priced at $0.52 a brick)


The Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and Twilight Franchises – combined, plus another $300 billion


All of the FarmLand in Iowa & South Dakota, at $4200 per acre


The Total Endowments of the USA’s 13 RichestUniversities and University Systems


45 days of global oil consumption

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  1. Keith
    December 09, 2011 19:04

    Ah good old genetically engineered food. Without it, we would not have wheat, however the EU did not exist 10,000 years ago so luckily we do!

  2. Mike Bryant
    December 08, 2011 22:20

    Last time I looked you couldn’t import most of the food grown in Iowa and South Dakota to Europe because its all genetically engineered :-)

  3. Keith
    December 07, 2011 19:19

    Last time I checked, you couldn’t eat an iPad.

  4. David Manners
    December 07, 2011 16:34

    A poetic simile, Terry, but so were relays, thermionic valves and Morse Code but, in their day, they kept America in the forefront of technology.

  5. Terry
    December 07, 2011 16:26

    iPad more important than farming? If you own farmland you can grow food forever but the iPad fad is as transient as a mayfly.

  6. David Manners
    December 07, 2011 15:19

    That’s an excellent point Tim. I suppose you could argue the iPad is more important because America can always import its food, whereas Microsoft and Apple have kept the USA at the forefront of high-tech which might be more important for America’s economy long-term.

  7. David Manners
    December 07, 2011 15:11

    Thanks, Tony, that’s kind of you and, like you, I don’t like a lot of things about Apple – particularly the ‘digital handcuffs’ (no ports or unauthorised downloads) aspect and cost. But I find the iPhone good at sniffing signals where my notebook isn’t, and it seems to me to be on my side whereas so many products seem to be challenging me to understand them.

  8. Tony Morris
    December 07, 2011 13:53

    I’m sure that’s true for yourself and for an awful lot of people. But I just see them as a profit-driven technology company and have no more or less affection for them than Microsoft, Sony, IBM or any other money-clumper.
    Then again, it’s your blog and a very good blog and it’s role is to bring up subjects you’d like to talk about so…yep, fair point well made, David 😀

  9. Tim
    December 07, 2011 13:39

    “All of the Farm Land in Iowa & South Dakota”. Sure, but which one is more important? The breadbasket of America, or the iPad.

  10. David Manners
    December 07, 2011 12:15

    Well I have to say they’ve benefited me, Tony, the iPhone is just so much easier to use by an old duffer than anything else I’ve had,

  11. Tony Morris
    December 07, 2011 12:08

    Errrm, is it just revered old overrated overpricers Apple who get such worship or would Microsoft or IBM have had their wealth paraded in this way, now or before?
    C’mon there – buy their stuff, if you like spending well over the odds, but let’s not fall in lerrrve here, they are a company, not a benefactor to society (especially not at Christmastime) 😀

  12. Mike Meakin
    December 07, 2011 10:23

    And what ‘use’ is all that worth when it is sitting doing nothing (apart from ‘earning’ interest)?
    It could be ‘mobilised’ and put to useful purpose ?

  13. Mike Bryant
    December 07, 2011 10:12

    Entertainment franchises are only ever worth a few billion so they could have added in quite a few more. Indeed after the last ST film I’d put that one down as negative but that’s a personal opinion :-)

  14. David Manners
    December 07, 2011 08:55

    . Apple’s market cap is $370 billion, cheese, I Think that $300 billion figure is right.

  15. December 07, 2011 08:05

    “The Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and Twilight Franchises – combined, plus another $300 billion ”
    Sure it is $300 billion? or is there a typo in there ?

  16. Anonymous
    December 07, 2011 04:51

    I wish I had some stock – coz I think I would sell the lot at this time.

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