Atari Rides Again

Atari, the 44 year-old games specialist which launched Pong and employed Steve Jobs, is looking to make a come-back after going bankrupt last year.

Many people would have thought Atari went the way of all flesh years ago but it’s actually been struggling on although ditching six CEOs in the last 14 years.

Four years ago Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell joined the Atari board.

“Easy to learn, difficult to master” is Bushnell’s recipe for creating video games, a dictum which became known as ‘Bushnell’s Law’.

After a long series of failed revivals and reinventions, Atari filed for bankruptcy last year, but now the ten person Atari team, led by Frenchman Frederic Chesnais, is pursuing new ideas like a video blog of footballer Pele’s life in the days before the Brazil World Cup, a design-your-own parade product, a social casino game and, possibly, TV shows.

Chesnais’ strategy is to focus on mobile and Facebook games rather than games for consoles.

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