Sony Needs Hwyl

The one thing which Welsh-Not-So-Wizard Howard Stringer has failed to restore to Sony, despite all his cost-cutting, is a return to that luminous quality of innovative charm which infused so many Sony products.

From the frankly beautiful TR-5, Sony’s first transistor radio, to the Walkman in all its manifold stylish iterations, to its sleek Trinitron tellys and lovely Viaios, Sony’s artefacts had class, and that itching-to-get-your-hands-on-it quality that invests great products.


Now look at this poor thing that Sony has trotted out this week: a Netbook, using Atom, with three and a half miserable hours of battery life, a 10 inch screen and a  $630 price tag.


Why bother? Who needs another dreary me-too product at a fancy price?


C’mon Howard, you’re letting yourself down. Get some hwyl into your product line.


That’s the way to get Sony back on its pedestal – not all this cost-cutting, plant-closing and sacking.



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