Death To Log-ins

Log-ins are a curse of our times. Motorola has come up with two alternatives which look unlikely to catch on – a circuit which can be stamped onto your skin and a pill you can swallow.

MC10, a firm in Massachusetts, developed the circuits which can be stamped on your skin. MC10 calls the circuits BioStamps.

A pill called the Proteus Digital Health pill, approved by regulators in both the USA and EU, could be used to transmit a signal to a device authenticating the user.

Somehow the Motorola proposals seem clunky compared with voice/Iris/facial/fingerprint recognition techniques.

But at least the demise of the bloody password is imminent.

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  1. david manners
    June 04, 2013 15:50

    Thanks Wieslaw much appreciated, however I would argue that the usage was correct because it is saying that Motorola has two alternatives – but both to the same thing – i.e. the log-in. So there’s Alternative 1 (Biostamp) to the log-in; and then there’s Alternative 2 (Pill) to the log-in. So, in each case there’s a choice between only two alternatives.

  2. wieslaw
    June 04, 2013 12:27

    do not take it wrong but an alternative is a choice between two options. So two alternatives …
    Always pleasure to read your articles,

  3. The Baron
    June 04, 2013 11:50

    I’ve got images of Quagmire opening up Carter’s vault now…

  4. david manners
    June 03, 2013 18:29

    Maybe the dodgier the nationality of the passport holder, the more gates they could be made to go through, Fred, with each gate checking another physical characteristic

  5. david manners
    June 03, 2013 18:16

    A charming image, The Baron, thanks for that

  6. The Baron
    June 03, 2013 14:47

    I presume for the pill we all get something like a powerful magnet implanted in our bahookies to deactivate it on the way out (what happens if you vomit it though?) and thereby prevent identity theft?

    Could be a bit unfortunate if you are off watching the darts and bend over to pick up a fiver you’ve dropped mind you…

    The Baron

  7. Fred Dart
    June 03, 2013 14:19

    The system they have here in Singapore for locals and EP holders like me works pretty well. Insert your electronically readable passport ( scanned, not chipped ) into the machine which opens the first gate. Then it scans your right thumb and if it matches, opens the second gate. A quick check by a security officer that your passport photo matches your face, the machine wishes you bon-voyage ( or welcome back ) and you’re through. Takes about 10 seconds in total. Beats queueing up by a long way.

  8. david manners
    June 01, 2013 13:10

    You’d have thought that on the inordinately long walks from the gate to the border control point, the customs guys could instal enough tracking technology to pick up enough info on each passenger to check them out.

  9. Mike Bryant
    May 31, 2013 19:54

    Well the UK Border Agency has tried most of these other than fingerprints and failed. The current system actually has a human stuck there checking most of the people passing matches their passport digital photo.

  10. david manners
    May 31, 2013 14:16

    I assume that if fingerprint was joined by face, iris and voice recognition you could improve reliability, Dr Bob, whether or not enough to do the job I don’t know

  11. Dr Bob
    May 31, 2013 12:18

    Finger print recognition in my experience is unreliable. Up to 8 goes to recognize with multiple fingers of mine logged in the system due to unreliablity but the best one was checking me in as someone else when going to check out!

    Now if only the latter was a bank account :-)

    the ‘health’ pill sounds more like a tracking device

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