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Ed Goes For Bob’s Jugular

‘The “Get Bob” campaign is well underway,’ Ed confides to his diary, ‘first I’ve identified him to The Brats as the author of a report which cost them billions, now I’ve got another cunning plan up my sleeve.’

The Brats are what Ed calls the twenty-something year-old super-sharpies who monitor Ed’s company for its private equity owners, and Bob is Ed’s former oldest friend in the industry – now his bitterest enemy and sitting on the company’s supervisory board.


‘What very few people know is that many years ago Bob was briefly disqualified from acting as a company director,’ writes Ed, ‘it was only for 12 months – for allowing a company where he was a director to trade while insolvent. Not a hanging offence, but sufficient for my purposes.’


‘I don’t want to give The Brats the idea I’m running a personal campaign to oust Bob,’ adds Ed, “so I’ll wait for them to phone in their usual asshole way and I’ll drop this in casually.’


A couple of days later Ed’s diary entry reads. ‘The Brats phoned today. Ever so gently I ask the question: “How would having a director who had been disqualified affect our IPO?”‘


‘”Badly”, replied The Brat, “anyone in mind?”‘


‘”Can’t say,” I reply, “but check CamenTech’s records for 1998/9″.’


‘”That’s years ago – water under the bridge – no one’s going to remember that,” replied The Brat.’


‘”Someone might leak it,” I told him, “someone who didn’t want the IPO to succeed”.’


‘We’ll take a look at it,” replied The Brat.’


‘Another nail in Bob’s coffin,’ Ed confides to his diary, ‘roll on my $25mill.’

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