That Old Apple Magic

Apple has got to find a bit of its old magic. Producing incremental improvements to products won’t work.

This is what people are saying after Apple shares fell from $700 in September to $500 now.

Apple is losing its legal battles. Earlier this week it lost its battle to stop Samsung selling smartphones in the US.

The judgment on smartphones follows judgments lifting US sales bans on Samsung’s Galaxy tablet.

There have been reports in Apple’s supply chain that Apple has cancelled orders for parts used in the iPhone 5, suggesting that the phone is not selling as well as expected.

And there are rumours that the Galaxy S4 launches in February.

Analysts are saying that Apple now needs a big trick – a bit of the old Apple magic.

A possibility is the expected Apple TV.

If that makes it easy to switch between TV and PC functions, and if it’s beautiful, then it could be Apple’s next big trick.

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