The Harbinger

After recording record Q3 revenues, TSMC had said it expected a weaker Q4 and Q1 2013 with a rebound in Q2 2013.

However, Q4 actually started off rather well for TSMC with October revenue rising 15% on September to a record monthly level and 32% above its revenues for October 2011.

So maybe things aren’t as bad as TSMC thought last month.

According to IC Insights, TSMC will be the world’s third largest semiconductor company this year measured by revenues, after Intel and Samsung, with full 2012 year sales estimated at $17bn.

That’s a little way behind Samsung’s $20bn and a long way behind Intel’s $50bn.

But TSMC’s market cap is not that far behind Intel’s – $86bn for TSMC and $105bn for Intel.

Revenues derived from mobile, TSMC’s main driver, appear to be valued more highly by stock markets than revenues derived from computers.

The most surprising news last week that Qualcomm’s market cap had overtaken Intel’s.

A harbinger of the post-PC age?

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