Clever Israelis

I always thought Israelis were clever fellows. Now I know. After lunch I get back to my hotel and dump my stuff on the bed and my iPad slips onto the carpet.

Not a big deal, I think, it’s taken a lot worse than that and survived as various dents and chips will testify.

But it didn’t work.

Going on line I did all the suggested stuff – pressing down the on/off button and the home button at the same time etc.


I rang the nearest Apple store to make an appointment with a Genius when an Israeli journo asked to see my iPad.

To my horror he banged it quite hard on its back on a table.

Then the iPad worked again.

“It’s the connections, you see,” he told me, “a fall can upset the connections and a jolt puts them back in place.”

There you are. Clever guys these Israelis.

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