3D Printer Pen

A $99 pen that allows you to build a 3D structure in the air using melted, but rapidly cooled, plastic is to go on sale next year.

Called 3Doodler, the pen was developed under a Kickstarter project which asked for $30,000 and received $2.3 million.

The inventors took the extruder from a 3D printer and put it into a pen – making a device that can build a 3D structure in the air.

The pen was developed by a company called WobbleWorks of Boston.

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  1. david manners
    June 25, 2013 11:40

    Yes, nocynic, I think it is. Good bit of marketing bollox though.

  2. nocynic
    June 25, 2013 11:30

    Is that just a hot-melt glue-gun ?

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