SEMI Book-to-Bill Surges

SEMI’s book-to-bill ratio in June was 1.09 showing a surge in bookings.

The ratio this year has run: Jan 1.04, Feb 1.01, March 1.06, April 1.0, May 1.0, June 1.09.

June bookings were $1.47 billion – 4.3% up on May’s $1.41 billion, and 10% higher than the June 2013 order level of $1.33 billion.

June billings were $1.34 billion – 4.8% lower than May’s $1.41 billion, and 10.4 percent higher than June 2013 billings of $1.21 billion.

“Semiconductor equipment bookings are at the highest level since May 2012,” said Denny McGuirk, president and CEO of SEMI, “the strength of the June bookings substantiate the outlook for strong double-digit sales growth this year.”

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