Taiwan Waxes; Japan Wanes

While Japan’s semiconductor industry wanes, apparently unable to adapt to new structures and business models, Taiwan’s IC industry appears to be robust and expansive.
Taiwan’s Industry and Technology Intelligence Services (ITIS), a research institute of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, says Taiwan’s chip industry will grow 12% to $15.18 billion in Q2 from Q1.
Q2 output of the fabless Industry is expected to rise 11% from the previous quarter to $3.7 billion.
Q2 manufacturing output of the IC manufacturers – comprising the foundries and memory suppliers – is expected to be $7.8 billion, up 11.3% on Q1.
ITIS expects a 15.7% quarterly growth in the IC packaging segment’s output to $2.4 billion, and a 15% increase in the production value of the IC testing segment to $1.09 billion.
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