The 93 Year-Old Company With The 77 Year-Old Product

There’s something rather special about a 93 year-old company whose staple product was invented in the 1930s.

Bell Labs invented the reed switch towards the end of the 30s and Coto Technology of San Jose was founded in 1920 and currently holds No.1 market share in reed switches and reed relays.

Now times are changing and Coto Technology has brought out a MEMS reed switch.

The switch has the usual advantages of conventional reed switches like zero power operation and high-power hot switching.

Coto calls the switch RedRock. It measures 1.125mm x 2.185mm and 0.95mm high.

The MEMS approach becomes necessary because: “You can’t make reed switches less than 5mm in length,” says Coto’s Stephen Day.

 Coto uses 3D printing techniques to make the switch.

“We’re still trying to figure out what the price of the switch will be,” said Day.

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