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A Fifth Of Semi TAM Comes From Opto, Discrete and Sensors

Its an interesting thought that nearly 20% of the semiconductor TAM comes from sales of opto, sensor and discrete products.

Growth products in 2012 were LEDs, laser transmitters for high-speed optical networks, MEMS-based acceleration/yaw sensors, CMOS imaging devices and power transistors for energy-saving, says IC Insights..


CMOS image sensors grew 22% to $7bn thanks to cameras in cars and mobile devices.


CCDs are now in decline and will only have 15% of the 2017 image sensor market down from 40% in 2009.


Pressure sensors grew 11% to top $1bn; acceleration and yaw sensors grew 7% to $2.5bn, and magnetic-field sensors grew 12% to $1.4bn.


RF/Microwave power transistor modules grew 5% to $695m


LED revenues climbed 20% in 2012 to nearly $9.5bn and are expected to hit $20bn in 2017, with annual sales growing by a CAGR of 16% in the next five years.


Overproduction is now the spectre over-hanging LED.

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