TSMC’s February Sales Fall M-o-M; UMC’s Rise.

TSMC saw February revenues fall 9% on January’s to $1.547 billion.  January revenues were $1.697 billion.

Y-o-Y the February revenues were 13.7% up on the $1.359 billion of February 2013.

Jan-Feb revenues were $3.24 billion – 10.9% up on the $2.924 billion of Jan-Feb 2013.

TSMC’s January $1.69 billion January sales were up from December’s $1.65 billion.

TSMC’s November sales of $1.47 billion were a 14.4% drop from October’s $1.76 billion which were down 6.5% on its September revenues of $1.88 billion.

TSMC had revenues of $1.86 billion in August up 5.7% on July’s $1.74 billion, but down from the $1.77 billion of June. May sales were $1.73 billion – a slight rise on April’s $1.7 billion.

UMC had February revenues of $341 million up on January sales of $332 million, up on December sales of $327 million, down on its November revenues of $350 million and October revenues of $355 million, flat with  September revenues of $340 million, and down on  August revenues of $371 million, July revenues of $386 million, June revenues of $368 million and  May revenues of $361 million, but up on April revenues of $336 million.

UMC’s February revenues of $341 million were 18.45% on the $288 million of February 2013.

UMC’s Fan-Feb revenues were $673 million – up 12.2% on the $600 million of Jan-Feb 2013.

TSMC had Q4 sales of $4.86 billion down 10% from Q3. Annual revenues were $19.88 billion – a rise of 17.8% on 201.

UMC had Q4 2013 sales of $1 billion, down 8% from Q3, and annual revenues of $4.1billion compared to $3.53 billion in 2012.

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  1. david manners
    March 13, 2014 22:33

    Well Yes George, Barrett and Otellini were too self-satisfied to be paranoid and the new chap is spouting about IOT and wearables which suggests he’s a pliable soul already in thrall to the Intel PR machine. If there’s any paranoia around it’s more likely to be with Morris Chang who learnt his at good old TI.

  2. George
    March 13, 2014 14:03

    With UMC’s February revenues on about 22% of TSMC’s, they hardly seem to be an imminent threat to the TSMC dominance. Still, Andy Grove famously said that “Only the paranoid survive.” Intel seems to be fresh out of paranoia these days and look where it has gotten them. Perhaps a healthy dose of paranoia at TSMC will serve them well!

  3. david manners
    March 10, 2014 19:26

    Well I’m not all that sure about the last part, Mike, TSMC’s November sales fell 14.4% on the October sales and the October sales were 6.5% down on the September sales. So even Morris Chang can have a hiccup.

  4. Mike Bryant
    March 10, 2014 19:19

    Ah but UMC probably aren’t running at full capacity and had a good month. TSMC seems to always have good months !!

  5. david manners
    March 10, 2014 19:08

    Very true Mike, but February’s just as long (or short) for UMC and their sales rose Feb on Jan,

  6. Mike Bryant
    March 10, 2014 17:53

    Isn’t this most likely because February is about 10% shorter in days than January ? If TSMC is running flat out then there is nothing they can do to compensate for shorter months.

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