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405-lines Unacceptable says BBC.

405 lines cannot be accepted as permanent British Standard’   -          SAYS BBC ENGINEERING CHIEF.

52 years ago this was a story in Electronics Weekly


The story opens:


“The BBC is of the view that the 405-line standard cannot be accepted as the permanent British standard.” This was the unequivocal submission made by Sir Harold Bishop, Director of Engineering at the BBC, during his opening address as president of the TV Society at the Convention on Television and Film Techniques last week.’


‘The Convention was organised jointly by the British Kinematograph Society and the Television Society and took place at the IEE. Over 250 people attended.’


‘Sir Harold went on to say that a decision on a new standard should be taken soon and pointed out the advantages to be had with the 625-line picture.’


‘He did emphasise that the early introduction of a regular BBC transmission on 405-lines in colour would be “valuable in providing information for solving similar problems which would be likely to arise later in relation to 625-line receivers.”

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  1. David Manners
    April 02, 2013 17:00

    Sorry george I made bog of that- leaving out the rather important fact that the story was dated 1961.

    April 02, 2013 15:45

    David, what year did this take place?

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