British Automatic Landing Gear Is World’s Best

The US Federal Aviation Authority are to evaluate the British automatic landing equipment.

So, 54 years ago, starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of September 14th 1960.

Arrangements have been completed for an evaluation by the FAA of the automatic landing system developed at the Ministry of Aviation’s Blind Landing Experimental Unit.

The Anglo-American agreement has particular significance to autoland. Over 4,000 successful landings have been made using the BLEU system – more than with any other automatic landing equipment.

The Ministry of Aviation is understood to be negotiating with the FAA to provide them with a complete aircraft fitted out with the system. This may help to speed up the evaluation.

Both the Government and the industry are convinced that the BLEU system is by far the most advanced in the world.

The present autoflare system is the first step towards the eventual acceptance of autoland by airline operators.

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