Colour TV Comes To Japan

‘Colour Television Comes To Japan.

£100 receivers by 1964.

Toshiba brings colour for all’


50 years ago this year, this was the headline on a story in Electronics Weekly’s

edition of September 21st 1960.

The story starts:


‘Regular transmission of coloured television programmes began in Japan on Saturday. At the same time, the Tokyo Shibaura (Toshiba) Electric Company announced plans for the mass production of colour television receivers at a new plant near Kawasaki, near Tokyo.’


‘Toshiba plans an initial output at the new plant of 300 colour receivers a month’, continues the story, ‘seventy per cent will be 17-inch sets for home use, and 30 per cent will be 21-inch sets designed for business.’


The story continues:


‘By the end of this year, monthly production will rise to 500 sets, and total production will increase to 1,000 sets a month when Toshiba completes a second colour TV assembly pant next year. For the time being, all Toshiba’s colour TV sets will be sold on the domestic market.’


The story ends:


‘Toshiba has spent an estimated 700 million Yen (about £700,000) since 1950 on the development of colour TV receivers.’

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