Components R&D Outside US Is ‘Impressive’.

Components research outside the US is ‘highly impressive’. This is the assessment of Mr F.E. Wenger with the Washington DC headquarters office of the Air Force Systems Command speaking at the Electronic Components Conference.

So, 53 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of May 17th 1961

Mr Wenger said his job had brought him in close contact with British, Canadian and French development programmes.

He believed these countries excelled particularly in research into microwave tubes, property and purification of materials, and generally in simplifying problems.

Because research funds in most countries outside the US (and Russia) are limited, there is less ‘leap-frogging’. That is, there is more step-by-step development work which makes for a high probability of success in any particular programme.

Paper after paper at the conference was delivered on such newer areas as tantalum and epoxy semiconductors and micro assemblies.

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