Epitaxial Wafers For £18 Each

Wafers, one-inch in diameter, of epitaxially formed silicon are now readily available in Britain. Their availability was announced simultaneously in the UK and US by the Dupont group of companies.

So, 52 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of February 8th 1961.

The story continues:

The epitaxial wafers break new ground because this is the first time the firm have supplied silicon in wafer form.

In this form it is directly ready for the production line, and subsequent processing will be as for the conventional mesa transistor.

Current prices for a single wafer are £18 each, £15 for minimum quantities of 10 and £11 each for production quantities of 100.

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  1. Lefty Goldblatt
    October 24, 2013 17:35

    which in today’s money is £339.30

    so says the bank of england…..

  2. david manners
    October 24, 2013 18:04

    Wow, Lefty, that’s amazing.

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