Transistor-Based Data Processors From IBM

IBM extend range of transistor machines


was a headline, 50 years ago, in Electronics Weekly’s edition of January 18th 1961.

The story opens:


‘With the introduction of its 1410 data processing system, and 1405 disc storage units, IBM have greatly extended that range and capacity of their series of transistor machines.’


The story continues:


‘The 1410 card system includes a central processor with up to 40,000 positions of core storage and a cycle time of 4.5 microseconds.’


‘Input speeds of up to 800 cards a minute are available, with a print-out of 600 lines a minute. The paper tape reader operates at 500 characters a second.’  


The story concludes|:


Cost of the 1410 system occupying about 500 sq ft is less than £120,000′.

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