Is Intel Getting Out of NAND?

What on earth is going on at IM Flash – the NAND joint venture between Micron and Intel?

Here we have Micron CEO Steve Appleton saying: “Intel is currently not participating with the capex expenditure in IMFS.”

IMFS is IM Flash Singapore where IM Flash is currently ramping 25nm and installing the tools for 20nm production as from mid-2011.

If Intel isn’t contributing to the ramp-up costs, then its 29% share in IM Flash will get diluted.

So there’s two ways of looking at it:

  1. Intel is getting fed up with IM Flash and would like to get out of the NAND business.
  2. Micron has decided it would like all the output from Singapore for itself and is kicking Intel out of bed.

Appleton says: “We already have that in our financial models making assumption they are not going to participate,” and “We could really use the output for service centre customers.”

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