Toshiba To Start Fab For 3D Flash

Next month Toshiba, the inventor and No.2 supplier of flash, starts building an extension to its Yokkaichi Fab 5 capable of building 3D Flash memory.

The Yokkaichi site currently has three fabs including Fab 5.

The new extension to Fab 5 will be capable of building Toshiba’s version of 3D flash which it calls BiCS (Bit Cost Scalable) technology.

BiCS, first revealed by Toshiba in 2007, is Toshiba’s route to Terabit flash chip densities.

Toshiba has referred to BiCS as ‘post-NAND’ memory. Toshiba reckons BiCS has the potential of five generations of scaling in it.

Toshiba intends to sample BiCS memories this year with volume production in 2015. 3D flash

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