TI’s 30 Year DSP Saga

it all started with TI’s  Speak and Spell toy for children – a 1978 sensation. Then, in 1992, TI gave a paper on a DSP chip at ISSCC and the DSP saga was underway.

1982 TMS 32010  5MIPS DSP described at ISSCC.

 1984: TMS320C2x 2nd gen device.

 1985: CMOS DSP introduced..

 1987: “Julie Doll,” uses TMS320C17 for voice recognition.

 1988 Floating point DSP TMS320C3x.

 1989  28MIPS TMS320C5x.

 1990: TMS320C4x for parallel DSP.

 1991: The first $5 DSP for one-offs.

 1992: A Cadillac uses a TI DSP-based road sensing system for a smoother ride, less roll and tighter cornering.

 1994:  2 BOPS DSP – TMS320C80.

 1995:   40 MFLOPS DSP

 1996:    DSP with on-chip flash memory.

 1997:    TMS320C6000 performs at 1600 MIPS/200MHz.

 1998:   TMS320C6701 operates at 1 GFLOPS at 167MHz.

 1999:   TMS320VC33 – first $5 floating-point DSP.  

 2000:   TMS320C5401 the first general-purpose $3 DSP.

2001:   OMAP applications processors including a TMS320C55x DSP introduced.   

 2002:   First 300-MHz dual-MAC DSP at $5.

 2003:   720 MHz DSPs.

 2005  DaVinci introduced

 2007  DaVinci DM6467 delivers single-chip, real-time HD video transcoding.

 2008:   Baseband processor supporting MAC and PHY functions on a single chip – the TCI6484.

2010  10GHz DSP – the  TMS320C66x.

 2011:   Lowest cost DSP at under $2  – the TMS320C5532.

 2012:   LTE DSP

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  1. Robert
    August 31, 2012 02:33

    Makes you wonder how much more glorious the DSP would have been if not for the internal power struggles within TI.
    For many years the Analog / Mixed Signal sections of TI would not collaborate with the Digital/DSP section because there was no clear way to share the revenue. The solution was *()&-you I’m not developing the support chips / Blocks that you need. Customers loved the idea of a one stop Mixed Signal/ DSP shop and they found it (At ADI)

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