Happy Campers

Campers could be happier with a tent which has a power source in its material. This is an application which BAE envisages for its technique of merging batteries with carbon fibres.

BAE’s way of weaving nickel-based batteries into carbon fibres means that an electric powered product can get its power from the product’s body.


BAE told the BBC web-site that it had “merged battery chemistries into composite materials” with the objective of saving weight for troops carrying electronic kit.


BAE has built a torch and an unmanned aerial drone from the material which, it is hoped, will become as cheap and easy to work as carbon fibre and may replace today’s carbon-composites.


BAE is using the technique to build an electric racing car called the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV.


The snag is currently power-density which is a third that of a car battery and a tenth that of lithium batteries


BAE is working on a lithium-based approach.

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