The Start-Up Pursuing Wildly Different Applications.

It’s good to hear of a young chip company pursuing wildly different applications with the same generic technology.


Lyric Semiconductor, a four year-old MIT-spin-off backed by Analog Devices founder Ray Stata, has a technology which is being used for error correction in NAND flash memories, and which will be used for web searches.


In the NAND application the technology claims to deliver a 30x reduction in die size and a 12X improvement in power consumption.


But then the Lyric technology has another application – web-searching. In this application it claims to be 1000X faster than x86-based systems.


Lyric is prepping a product for data centre usage.


It also reckons genome sequencing is another use to which the technology can be put.


This multi-pronged approach to using a generic technology is a miles more sensible approach for a start-up than the overly-focussed approach many modern start-ups take.


It may seem sensible to focus scarce resources on a market niche – but it can easily be the wrong niche.


If the seed is scattered  widely, it is more likely to find a fertile spot.


As for the excuse of  lacking resources to pursue multi-markets – look at Lyric getting the military to give it $20 million to develop an application.


Customers have always funded chip technology development – if it’s promising enough.

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