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Process Technology

Arrow puts QorIQ processor in a module for IoT


Arrow Electronics has designed a Freescale QorIQ LS1021A communication processor into a module for IoT gateways and energy meter designs. Developed with Freescale and automation technology systems specialist SYS TEC electronic, the ECUcore-1021 module features the sub-3W QorIQ LS1021A processor, an ARM-based processor with ECC protected L1 and L2 cache memory. There is a development board which provides Gigabit Ethernet and ...

ARM teaches world how to use SOI process technology

ARM is working with the SOI Industry Consortium to run a silicon on insulator (SOI) design seminar.  The company recognises a need to help IC designers understand the significant differences between designing on SOI versus bulk silicon, to achieve power-saving and integration benefits.

Awayday in Bath for high efficiency WiMAX power design

Bath is the centre for the UK’s latest basestation conference which is taking place this week, and among the early movers at the event are Nitronex, a GaN-on-Silicon RF power IC specialist and Nujira who are teaming up to create a WiMAX power amplifier reference design. The interesting point about this is the choice of GaN technology which should help ...

When high-k dielectric is the Holy Grail for IBM, Freescale and Samsung

IBM and its process technology partners may have found the Holy Grail in their search for a high-k dielectric material which is practical at the 32nm process node and below. The high-k/metal gate (HKMG) material when used in evaluation circuits registered performance improvements on 32nm technology circuits of up to 35 per cent over 45nm technology circuits at the same ...