Corny Cell-Phone

I’m never quite sure whether some of these ‘green’ initiatives are seriously intended or are taking the piss. 



Samsung has provoked this dilemma by producing a cell phone which has a casing made from a material derived from corn. It goes on sale in Europe in September and is called the E200 Eco.


Now a cellphone is full of shitty stuff like batteries, and non-degradable stuff like silicon, so how much is a corn-based casing really contributing to the future of the planet?


Suffice it to say that Samsung’s ‘environmental products manager’ reckons that people will pay more for green products.


So that’s it. It’s a good business decision based on the brain-washing we’re all getting these days that Green Is Good.


The idea is to sell more cellphones at higher margins.


And that’s taking the piss.

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