Eight Fastest Growing/Declining Flat Panel Technologies

Thanks to DisplaySearch for this one. Here are the fastest growing flat panel display technologies between 2008 and 2010 ranging from OLED growing at 136 per cent and E-Paper at 85 per cent over the two year period, down to LCOS and DLP declining, respectively, at minus 26 per cent and minus 43 per cent

Fastest growing:





Fastest Declining:

Vacuum Fluorescent

Passive Matrix LCD

Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS)


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  1. Late Developer
    October 14, 2008 11:34

    I actually find it interesting that Plasma is still growing, I would have thought that to be in decline with TFT-LCD taking over from that particular technology.

  2. Peter van der Sluijs
    October 08, 2008 08:34

    Interesting – I’d expected to see CRT on the fastest declining list – what’s happening to this technology?

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