Top Ten Buyers Of Semiconductors In 2012

Thanks to Gartner for this one – the top ten buyers of semiconductors in 2012. Interestingly Nokia slipped from buying $8.6 billion worth of semis in 2011 to buying $5 billion worth in 2012; Samsung went from buying |(including internal purchases) $18.6 billion worth of semis in 2011 to nearly $24 billion in 2012; Apple, which reached the No.1 position on the buyers’ list in 2010 for the first time and held it in 2011, slipped No.2  to 2012.




Samsung                              23.9


Apple                                  21.4


HP                                      14


Dell                                       8.6


Sony                                     7.9


Lenovo                                 7.8


Toshiba                                6.5


LG                                       6.0


Cisco                                   5.4


Nokia                                  5.0

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