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Top Ten IC Purchasers 2010 & 2011

Thanks to iSuppli for this one – the expected top ten  purchasers of ICs in 2010 and 2011:

                     2010  2011   


HP                15.8    17.1


Apple            12.4    16.2


Samsung      12.8     13.9


Dell                9.2       9.8


Nokia             8.4       8.0


Sony               6.2      6.8


Panasonic       5.9       6.5


Lenovo           5.3       5.9


Acer                5.0       5.9


Kingston Tec  5.2       5.5


Source:   iSuppli

Tags: dell, Lenovo, nokia, panasonic, sony

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  1. September 07, 2010 11:24

    Interesting as well to have a look at the path those semis make on their way to the OEMs. Hon Hai (Foxconn) at ca. $62B in sales (IC content a large chunk of that) is as large as the next six to eight combined!
    There is a (true) story about a company who actually wanted to fire all their truely successful California sales engineers — because they were “not bringing in enough revenue.” (It was all getting created locally at the OEM but because production was at an ODM, booked in Taiwan or China, their cupboards appeared to be bare…) Funny how management information systems can kill things if not wisely applied!